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About Edward

About Edward Clark

Edward J. Clark (or, Ed), was born in Peterborough in 1989. He took to drawing naturally at a very young age, as a means of enjoyment and a way to study and appreciate the world around him. Growing up, his style developed from frequent practice and personal study, around themes both observational and imaginative. Continuing to further education at University of York in studying archaeology gave him the opportunity to continue developing his own individual style of painting naturally, and outside a formal learning structure. His degree also led to his fascination with the challenge of visualising locations as they may have appeared at a different point in time, the archaeological reconstructions of Alan Sorrel having a particularly lasting influence on his work. However he has since be applying these skills to his wider interests in contemporary architecture and the built environment, often depicting both the buildings around him, as well as visualising those not yet constructed.

With these themes in mind, is media of choice is often watercolour, favouring the line and wash technique in particular. He finds that this is especially well suited to the elements of technical drawing and draughtsmanship that are fundamental to his work. For the past several years however, he has also been expanding his interests into 3D media, becoming skilled in the various skills around greenwood working, and also studying the crafts of artist blacksmithing and basketry. He has also worked in traditional timber frame building design, construction and conservation, though drawing and painting has remained his main area of interests. His diverse background and wide range of interests is reflected in the range of work that he does today,