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Buying Art Prints & Originals

I am able to offer many of the paintings in my observational section as prints and some as originals. Those that do not have a link to add to basket may not be for sale at this point, but if you would like to make a request for something, I will be more likely to be able to make it available in the future.

New Painting Commissions

If you may be interested in commissioning me for any aspect of my art or illustration, the more detailed and accurate information you can provide, the better your finished image will be. Though there are some basic essentials that I would require, depending on what kind of image you need, which are set out on this page.

Please be aware that all painting commissions also entail a 25% deposit fee before I can commence work and you will be invoiced for the full amount upon completion.

House & Property Portraits

  • A particular photograph of what you would like a painting of
  • A photograph you would like painted in a different way, for instance a different angle (this may require additional images).

If you are sending in pictures with any trees or plants, the season they were taken in should be considered. Light is another key factor, think about what will create good contrast. These things can all be tweeked, but generally speaking, a close copy of real life will produce the best results

Artist Impressions

At a minimum, I can work from a plan and two elevations, with some information on the rendering and materials to be used. Some landscaping information is also almost always essential in order to accurately represent the context of the property, though this can sometimes be gleaned from other sources.

To create the best image possible I also need:

  • Photographs of the site, or building that is to be developed/renovated
  • Plans of the property in its surrounding context
  • More detailed landscaping information, ie plant species, hedging, fencing and garden features

Historical Reconstructions

Depending on the known information to hand, or the nature of the reconstruction this can be varied. Though on a basic level I will need:

  • Archaeological plans the site or building that is being represented
  • Examples displaying the nature of the structure(s) and building styles, ie, basic sketches and possibly examples of existing/past reconstructions of similar locations
  • Landscape information (if being included), ie, wider plans, photographs, ground survey…

Green Woodwork

Any of the wooden items I made a strictly dependent on what material happens to be fresh and available for me to work with. Therefore it will not always be possible to make a particular item from a particular wood at any given time, depending on that nature of the project. For instance, some spoons like ladles will require a suitably bent branch. I will often have something available or be able to get hold of what is needed however, and this is something I am happy to discuss further on email.